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Luis F. Aleman

Community & Civic Engagment

About Luis F. Aleman

Luis F. Aleman is a highly experienced entrepreneur who serves as CEO of LFA Holdings, Inc. and Managing Director of Ethiopian Wild Coffee. He is passionate about community involvement and seeks out opportunities to drive civic engagement both locally and internationally.

For nearly a decade, LFA Holdings, Inc. has helped clients develop new markets and implement marketing strategies across a broad range of high-growth and emerging industry sectors including automotive, ICT, clean technology (including renewable energy), manufacturing, security and defense, medical equipment, telecommunications, travel and tourism, and consumer goods. Now, LFA is also focusing on international relations, particularly by consulting with political candidates. Luis F. Aleman is currently the hired political consultant for CHADEMA, an opposition party looking to run for the presidential seat in Tanzania.

Mr. Aleman’s work with Ethiopian Wild Coffee is also largely driven by his passion for reshaping communities and improving administrative sustainability. The import/export company is currently working with farming cooperatives in Ethiopia who harvest the wild-growing, genetic “Mother of All Arabica Coffees”​ straight out of their protected rainforest, along with spices and honey. With its flagship product Wild Forest Grown Coffee, Ethiopian Wild Coffee will enter the import/export arena with the purest version of the world’s highest rated coffee, providing a one-of-a-kind product that will create demand and drive economic success in the area.

The nature of Luis F. Aleman’s professional career has allowed him to travel extensively to parts of Ethiopia, China, Dubai, and many more places. These experiences have shaped his international perspective and his understanding of business, economics, and politics, as well as the intersections of all three. And from finding local mom-and-pop restaurants to observing the ways that people in different cultures live and interact with one another, Mr. Aleman always makes the most of his trips!

Additionally, Luis keeps up with news in local and international economics (particularly in regards to agriculture, trade, and government sustainability) on his own time. By staying well-informed, he can make choices that benefit their clientele at large.

His prior community-based experience includes volunteering with the redevelopment of Washington Park on behalf of the Washington Park Association in Jersey City, New Jersey. Before he entered the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship and founded his own businesses, Luis F. Aleman served as an Account Executive at Sycamore Funding. 

This blog will focus on Luis’ interests in community work and civic engagement. He will share stories of his own work, as well as advice for anyone looking to get involved in local or international efforts of their own.